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As the oldest German manufacturer of surgical suture materials, SERAG-WIESSNER combines many decades of experience with the latest medical know-how.

More than a hundred years ago the company began manufacturing sterile catgut, and later also successfully established itself as the producer of sterile liquid medicinal products. Production efficiency at the plant in Upper Franconia is not only a tradition but also has a great future: the combination of precise craftsmanship and high-tech industrial manufacturing processes meets the highest quality demands for routine production, small-scale production and special designs.


About BEGO

With the new company building at the University Technology Park which was occupied at the end of 1994, BEGO showed that, even in highly challenging times, faith in the future is the driving force behind innovation. BEGO have set a new course in order to satisfy customer’s needs with outstanding products and services. If one wishes to make the future possible, one makes decisions today which will determine the success of tomorrow. 

In over 100 countries, the name BEGO stands for highly-developed and high-quality products.



These efforts focused on innovation and quality have been effective, ITENA Clinical is now known as a leader in the dental products market. No. 1 company in post system sales in France since its early days, ITENA Clinical has increased its activity by becoming more diversified. So, ITENA Clinical proposes all the products and complete solutions necessary for the current practice of the dentists today.

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Directa AB, a Swedish dental manufacturing company founded in 1916, highly renown and one of the fastest growing dental companies in the Nordic region; with active sales and marketing in over 90 countries worldwide. Directa´s products are developed and evaluated by our selected team of highly-qualified and renowned Swedish and international dental professionals with the aim of making life easier for the dental professionals in the daily clinical work.



NORDISKA DENTAL AB develops, manufactures and markets dental materials with packaging and accessories that make dentistry simpler and safer. We produce our well-known products as well as private labels. Our organization has remained small, efficient and easily accessible for better business relations and quicker decisions.



Kettenbach is an internationally positioned and well-established company which for decades has attracted attention in the dental sector thanks to its inventions and product innovations. The foundations for efficient processes and successful treatment in dental practices have been established in the segments of dental impressions and restoration. Market‐leading products such as Panasil® and Futar®, supplemented by the in‐house development of innovative materials such as Identium®, have long simplified the day‐to‐day work of dentists. Product innovations in the area of restorations have also been added: for temporary and permanent restorations the Visalys® product line is synonymous with quality at the highest level.



The company was founded in Berlin on August 1st, 1920 by Wilhelm Hugo Drendel and Fritz Zweiling. 
During the first years, Drendel + Zweiling focused on the production and distribution of special dental instruments. 
However, it was not long before the company started intense research into the production of diamond instruments.

With the invention of the galvanic coating process in 1932, Drendel + Zweiling’s constant strive for improvement was crowned with success. Drendel + Zweiling became a pioneer in the production of advanced dental diamond instruments.



Created in 1947, Anthogyr is a French company located near Mont-Blanc, in the Arve valley, the European capital of the precision micro-mechanics industry. As a company with a strong family culture based on human values, Anthogyr enjoys a close relationship with its dental customers, surgeons, prosthetic laboratories and partners. With more than 70 years of industrial expertise and experience in the dental industry, Anthogyr designs and manufactures innovative and accessible solutions in implantology and customised prostheses to treat patients worldwide. 


About ITS.

ITS. stands for Implants for Trauma Surgery and constantly strives towards its vision to provide superior surgical treatments with a priority on patient care. We work very closely with surgeons to design trauma implants and instruments that share a common philosophy: Easy To Use, Shorter Operation Time and Faster Healing.



Headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, Osteogenics Biomedical is a leader in the development of innovative dental bone grafting products serving periodontists, oral & maxillofacial surgeons, and clinicians involved in regenerative and implant dentistry throughout the world. Osteogenics offers a complete line of bone grafting products including enCore® combination and mineralized allografts, Zcore™ porcine xenograft, Cytoplast™ PTFE membranes, Cytoplast™ RTM collagen membranes, Vitala™ porcine pericardium collagen membranes, Zmatrix™ porcine peritoneum collagen membranes, Cytoplast™ PTFE suture, NovaBone® synthetic putty, the Pro-fix™ Precision Fixation System, and Resorba® dental sutures.

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Insausti products are developed for health professionals who think long-term and wish to offer their patients an excellent human and technical service. Design guidelines are functionality, ergonomics, asepsis, a tasteful design.

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