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About us

M.C.KRITIKOS MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD is a medium-sized company that is family-owned and managed. Founded in 1990, our company’s, philosophy is based on continuity and long term future orientation. This forward-thinking has resulted in customer and supplier relations that have been sustained over many years, as well as the development of new business areas.

Speed and reliability of service, the provision of only the very best quality products, as well as the continuous strive for company improvement are the principles to which M.C.KRITIKOS MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD is fully committed.

Quick support without complications, in the provision of services and materials to our customers and collaborators, is our primary objective.
As a financially and ideologically independent company, M.C.KRITIKOS MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD. maintains relations with other independent partners, both at home and abroad. As a modern company, M.C.KRITIKOS MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD, always looks to the future and strives to optimize, its services and products. 

The above philosophy and principles founded the basis of our success and growth, not only in the provision of Dental Implants and complete range of other dental supplies, Dental technician products, Hospital products, but also in parallel fields such as Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Implants and supplies.

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